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BRANCH APPOINTMENT UPDATE: We are still requiring appointments for all non-teller transactions, including any loan related documentation. Walk-ins for teller transactions are welcome. Please note that any walk-ins for non-teller transactions may wait longer due to appointments. To make an appointment please call (562) 862-8141. Thank you for your understanding.

Masks are required inside the DFCU Branch. Thank you for your cooperation.

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DFCU Credit Cards

0% APR* for 6 months

DFCU Credit Cards

0% APR* for 6 months

  • 0% APR* for the first 6 months on purchases!
  • 0% APR* for 6 months on first Balance Transfer of $500 or more!
  • Rates starting at APR*
  • No annual fee
  • Limits up to $25,000
  • No cash advance fee
  • Same low rate for transactions, cash advances and balance transfers
  • MyCardInfo - View your transactions, make payments and more (All users must click Enroll for first time use. Your previous EzCardInfo credentials will not work for logging into MyCardInfo.)
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FICO Annual Percentage Rate Card Type
720+ APR* Platinum
680-719 APR* Platinum
640-679 APR* Classic
600-639 APR* Classic
≤599 APR* Classic
  • $500 minimum / $25,000 maximum credit line
  • 25-day grace period on all purchases (before interest begins to accrue)
  • Accepted worldwide, anywhere the VISA logo is displayed
  • Minimum payment due each month is 2.5% of balance, with a $20 minimum
  • Free Convenience Checks
  • ATM access for cash advances, wherever the VISA logo is displayed
  • $20 fee for late payments
  • $15 fee for returned payments
  • No charge for over-limit transactions
  • No annual fee or cash advance fee
  • Foreign Transaction Fees
    • Transactions made in foreign currency: 1% of each transaction in US Dollars
    • Foreign transactions billed in US dollars: 1% of each transaction in US Dollars
  • Apply online via Online Banking
  • Over the phone at 562.862.8141
  • In branch