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Bite of Reality

Bite of Reality is an app simulation that teaches money management to students between 7th and 12th grade. In the activity, students receive real-world profiles including income and occupation.

Participants must visit multiple stations (insurance, automotive, leisure, utilities, etc.) and build out a monthly budget using the app. Throughout the activity they encounter pushy salespeople and various expenses. The simulation is meant to provide young adults a taste of what it feels like to manage their own finances.

Money Smart Jr.

Money Smart Jr. is a financial education game for students between 3rd and 5th grade. Similar to our Bite of Reality workshop, participants receive an occupation and income. Then they are tasked with visiting six different stations where they are presented with options that vary in price and luxury.

Students must make "money smart" shopping decisions while facing financial obstacles such as unexpected charges and credit card bills.

Financial Education for all ages

DFCU regularly hosts financial education presentations at local schools, churches, and community centers. We have presented on topics such as:

  • Home-Buying
  • Credit Cards
  • Saving for College
  • Credit Building
  • And More!

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We also create and customize presentations based on the needs of our audience.

If you are interested in bringing any of these financial education workshops to your school or organization please contact our Community Engagement Specialist, Jessica Cantos, at or 562.862.8141 ext.256