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Temporary Skip-A-Pay Assistance for DFCU Members

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Terms & Conditions: By accepting this offer, you request that Downey Federal Credit Union (DFCU) defer your next loan payment for the loan indicated. You also understand and agree that: (1) finance charges will continue to accrue at the rate provided in your original loan agreement, during and after that time; (2) deferring your next payment will result in you having to pay higher total finance charges than if you made your payments as originally scheduled; (3) this payment deferral will extend the term of your loan by one month and you will have to make extra payments after your loan would otherwise be paid off; and (4) you will be required to resume your next regularly scheduled monthly payment in the month following the deferred payment. All DFCU accounts must in good standing. Skip-A-pay requests are only valid for future loan payments, not eligible for delinquent payments due. All payment deferral requests are subject to DFCU approval. Loan must have been funded prior to January 1, 2020 in order to be eligible for this temporary Skip-A-Pay offer. Loans which have been granted a Hardship Extension after March 1, 2020 are not eligible for this Skip-A-Pay offer. Offer not valid for DFCU real estate loans. Qualified loans/members may only skip up to 3 payments on any loan, including any extension that have been granted on the loan or any future extensions. Skip-A-Pay may cause negative amortization. DFCU agrees to waive the standard Skip-A-Pay fee of $50, waiving of fee is valid until 12/31/2020, after that any Skip-A-Pay requests will incur the standard $50 fee. DFCU also agrees to waive the standard requirement that Skip-A-Pay requests cannot be approved more than one time during a six (6) month consecutive payment schedule. However, there can only be one Skip-A-Pay request made and/or approved between now and 12/31/2020. DFCU is also temporarily waiving the 5 day notice period until December 31, Skip-A-Pay requests can temporarily be submitted on or before loan payment due date. Certain other restrictions may apply.