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Coverdell ESA

Give them a head start

Coverdell ESA

Give them a head start

A savings account that is set up to pay the qualified education expenses of a designated beneficiary under 18.


  • Open a Coverdell ESA Share with $25 with no fixed term
  • Deposits up to $2,000 per calendar year
  • No penalty from Credit Union for withdrawals (IRS penalties may still apply)
  • No maintenance fee.
  • Rates vary. See rates page.


  • Open a Coverdell ESA Certificate with $500 to start at a fixed term
  • Certificates will automatically roll over at maturity, with the same term and current rate unless member request different
  • Deposits are tax-deferred, and limited to $2,000 per calendar year
  • Subject to early withdrawal penalties (IRS penalties may also apply)
  • No maintenance fees
  • Rates based on Certificate term, see below.
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Coverdell ESA Certificate Rates
Term Dividend Rate* APY+
12 months View rates View rates
18 months View rates View rates
24 months View rates View rates
36 months View rates View rates
48 months View rates View rates
60 months View rates View rates
Open a Coverdell ESA


If you are already a DFCU member, simply call 562.862.8141 or email to open this account.


If you aren’t a DFCU member yet, visit our branch to open this account.

  • $100 minimum to earn dividends
  • Dividends compounded daily and paid quarterly on average daily balance
  • No withdrawal penalties from credit union
  • No monthly service charges